Unfortunately, we cannot supply telephone numbers, email addresses or site addresses (where these are different from the Registered Office Address).

Information is sourced from Companies House who are the registrar for UK Limited Companies.

If you have located this page in an attempt to find a telephone number, we suggest calling your favourite directory enquiry service

The Company Merchant Limited also carry out

Limited Company Formation at Companies House


register a limited company with Companies House in around 4 hours

Looking for company documents, financial information in the form of annual accounts, director and secretary information in the form of annual returns, current director, secretary and shareholder information? You've landed in the right place.

The Company Merchant Limited provide Companies House document scans on UK companies (registered with Companies House) with instant report display. Annual Accounts, Annual Returns, director appointments, company liquidation requests etc. Documents are usually available any time of day or night. Simply find the right company, find the required documents, register (for free) on our system and then purchase the documents required. Documents are made available within seconds of purchase.

You have landed on one of our sites internal pages where we have many companies broken down by letter, however to find the company you are looking for if they are not listed here, head over to our company reports main front page and use our integrated search facilities, 24 hours a day. Looking for articles on business setup or running a business? Check out our Facebook page for The Company Merchant and our Google Plus page. Companies House provide lists of newly formed Companies in the UK every day. If you are looking for Newly Formed UK Companies Daily Lists then as a Companies House integrator, we can supply this for you.

Annual accounts and other reports for companies starting with UAE K

The Company Merchant Limited is a leading integrator of data both to and from Companies House in Cardiff. Details listed on these internal pages usually relate to the details as at company incorporation rather than live details now. Clicking the link on the full company name will take you through to the live system where you can confirm details and purchase any reports


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Formation: 23-04-2012



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